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Acorelle Perfumes

Acorelle, imported from France, is line of Ecocert certified-organic perfumes from French fragrance house Laurence Dumont. Each fragrance “calls upon the mood-enhancing benefits of aromatherapy."

Enjoy the benefits of essential oils and olfactotherapy with Acorelle natural and organic certified fragrances and improve daily your well-being.

Acorelle presents six exquisite perfumes with mood-enhancing properties that energize, de-stress, and relax, while maintaining environmental integrity. Each scent's innovative formula is composed of 100% natural and 92% organic materials. Acorelle perfumes are highly concentrated in specially chosen essential oils based on their therapeutic abilities to revive and invigorate or impart calm and serenity. 

Scents include Jardin des Thés, Baies Sauvages, Amande de Blé, Orchidée Blanche, Lotus Bambou, Verveine Agrume, R de Rose, Terre de Cedre, and Vanille Ambré. 

Lisa's Note: Susan Anapol (who introduced Comptoir Sud Pacifique to the US) was the US Distributor of Acorelle. We have a very limited stock remaining on the Acorelle line. Acorelle is perfect for those that have allergies to ingredients often used in EDTs. Customer's have remarked how perfect they are for those that work in office environments. I love the Eaux Fraiche. It comes in a glass tube that I can toss in my purse and spritz to freshen up.

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