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Butter Elixir


Butter Elixir was created by three yogi's in New York City.

They wanted something simple, clean and natural to moisturize their skin after yoga practice.

So they utilized their backgrounds in high end fashion and design to create the aesthetic and vision of Butter Elixir.

Butter Elixir is a high quality product line with refined elegant packaging that showcases the organic touch of the products and is able to appeal to people who are in search of pure and natural skin care, as well as those who have an appreciation for art and design.

In both look and feel, Butter Elixir transcends. It is their mission to inspire beauty by using quality ingredients with integrity to nourish the body and soul.

Lisa's Note: I was introduced to the Butter Elixir line by one of our dear clients Linda who discovered Butter Elixir on a recent trip to NYC. She told me this was an absolute Beauty Cafe must have and I agree!!! xo