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Disney Frozen in a Bottle 100ml


Frozen in a Bottle by Geir Ness, the creator of Laila, the Essence of Norway, for Disney. 

Inspired by the film’s spectacular scenery, Geir Ness crafted a fragrance that evokes the natural magic of his native Norway—not only its sparkling fjords and dazzling glaciers, but the elemental power of the mountains and the pristine, invigorating air.

Frozen in a Bottle took over two years for Geir to complete until he knew he had truly captured Frozen in a bottle. 

Includes notes of: Lily of the Valley, Rose, Amber, Wild Mountain Flowers, and Lavender

Lisa's Note: Reminds me of a freshly picked spring floral bouquet. Not overpowering. Light and fresh. 

100ml/3.4 ounces

Customer Reviews

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Great perfume

My wife and I were at epcot and saw this she tried some and really liked it after we had left the park she decided she wanted some . I ordered it from beauty cafe and she is extremely satisfied with the perfume it's her absolute favorite quick delivery and awesome service

Thank you so much for your feedback Corry! So happy your wife loves Frozen and Beauty Cafe!!
Awesome perfume - Great service.

My daughter fell in love with this perfume while on vacation. Disney ran out and thanks to Beauty Cafe, I was able to give it to my daughter for her birthday. Laila is my favorite perfume and now my daughter has a favorite of her own. (I should mention that my daughter is 22 :-))

Jill - Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful review of Frozen. I am sooo happy your daughter loves the fragrance and more importantly now has 'her' fragrance! Best to you - Lisa