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Keromask ProArtist On Location Set from Keromask Camouflage Cream | Beauty Cafe - 2

Keromask ProArtist On Location Set

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Beauty Cafe has a limited quantity of the Keromask ProArtist On Location Set available, a complete collection of all 24 Keromask Camouflage Cream colors (including the 3 mixers) and the 4 Finishing Powders each in their own refillable plastic tubs. Each 6ml tub is marked with the coordinating color. When your tub is empty, simply fill from a 15ml Keromask Camouflage Cream tube or Finishing Powder. This is THE must have tool for every MakeUp Artist to take on location!

How to select the best shade for you?

The best way to get the perfect color match for your skin is to test the product on the area of the body you are going to apply it. Matching under different light settings also can help you see the best color match. Blend a small amount of the cream over the area to see the shade once it has been blended also.

Are mixing colors right for you?

If you have a tattoo or are feeling experimental and adventurous then mixing colors will be perfect for you. How to use the mixer colors to get the best result? Mixer colors are best used with clean brushes. Mix the chosen colors of the camouflage cream in small doses. Always try and mix a little more than you actually need as it is hard to duplicate the same color match.

Which powder to use?

If in doubt which powder to use, we would suggest you use the white translucent powder first, if you are not satisfied, use the powder from the group your camouflage cream comes from e.g. Medium, then use the medium powder. Powder application to achieve best results Then powder it lightly with the translucent powder to let it set properly. Using a powder brush. For best results use very light circular movements.

Keromask should never be applied on open lesions or unhealed scar tissue. Keromask is NOT TESTED on animals and does not contain animal derivatives. Keromask is Fragrance Free, Hypo-Allergenic and contains no sunscreen.

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