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Molinard Elements

Molinard Perfume LogoMolinard disrupts the perfume world to show freedom, surprise and audacity. Following its pioneering spirit, its fragrances explore new lands. The perfumer signs an ode to the imaginary and mythical, magnetic and powerful sensuality. Absolutely modern, decidedly sensual, The Elements stand out by their elegant delicacy.

Developed in an avant-garde impetus, each note plunges us into its addictive heart and delivers an
inimitable signature, the quintessence of the element. An olfactory writing that often rhymes with memory and generosity, femininity and diversity, built in the greatest tradition from Grasse.

From the isles of the Pacific to the sunburned gardens of Provence, Molinard invites us to a real journey of the senses. More anchored in the trends, The Elements meet a need for escaping toward rare essences that release the eternal magic of the mysterious power of the ingredients.