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Skin of Norway

Born in Oslo, Norway, Geir Ness is the very picture of perfect health with his vibrant skin, fit body and endless natural energy. He attributes his vitality to a healthy diet, balanced lifestyle, and early training in natural herbal remedies abundant in his homeland. Several years ago, the student-turned-entrepreneur launched Norway's first designer women's fragrance, Laila, inspired by scents from his native Norway, and followed with a successful men's fragrance and body care line. Now, with a grueling travel schedule of personal appearances and media interviews 300 days a year that would exhaust even a marathon runner, Geir still makes time to exercise and care for his skin. He is constantly asked, "How do you keep your skin looking so clear, fresh and toned?"

Simply put, his philosophy is to always PROTECT, HYDRATE, ENERGIZE and RESTORE (to reverse damage). Now Geir is finally sharing the secrets behind his unique, natural approach to skin maintenance with his global audience.

A Pharmacopeia of Natural Ingredients Found in Skin of Norway

Seeking native herbs like those harvested from the hillsides near his home, Geir harnessed the power of locally-sourced antioxidants, hydrators, mineral chrono-energizers and cell-repairing agents. These natural ingredients were specially selected to protect skin from damage, make it resistant to premature aging and restore skin's normal function even in hostile environments. Geir has created veritable cell-life cocktails designed to maintain healthy skin.

Skin of Norway Collection


Secrets of Longevity
The Four Guardians of Perfect Skin


Norwegian Cloudberry, called Multer in Norway, is a berry with special skin-calming properties to tone down redness and inflammation and help fade signs of aging for a smoother, more even-toned complexion.


Snow Algae thrives in extremes of cold, dry weather, and encourages luminous, hydrated skin able to resist damage from extremes of sun, wind, weather and poor diet. Nordic environments boast extremes that can dehydrate and age skin prematurely. Snow Algae helps slow the aging process and protects skin against moisture loss.


Mineral Chrono-Energizers like Magnesium, Zinc, and Copper increase cellular energy while decreasing cell fatigue for a more radiant, rested appearance. Skin appears firmer, clearer and fresher when cellular energy (that naturally declines with age) is boosted.


Juniper Sprout & Garden Sprout Extract Plus Resveratrol are just three of the five main skin-repairing ingredients that help guard against DNA damage and address the deeper signs of aging.

Skin of Norway products DO NOT CONTAIN Parabens, Sodium Lauryl  or Laureth Sulfates,
Synthetic Fragrance or Colorants.
Never tested on animals.

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