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Acai Rain eau de parfum

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Acai Rain eau de parfum from Infusion Organique captures the fresh scent and organic powder of the magical Acai fruit.

Drift east from the Andean headwaters of the Amazon - through Peru to the lush jungles of Brazil. Continue under the misty canopy of the Brazilian rainforest where local Indian tribesman first discovered indigenous Palms laden with Acai (ah-sah-ee) berries. Popular in Brazilian culture for generations. Infused with the tart berry accords of certified organic Acai extract and sparkling organic orange oil AcaiRain combines natural raspberry and currant, white peach, fresh greens and organic vanilla extract. The resulting scent captures the transformative essence of the Brazilian Rainforest for you and your home.

Treat your body and your senses to Infusion Organique's petit eau de parfums. Infused with organic oils, extracts, and botanicals, their Petit Parfums are blended organic alcohol made from certified organic sugarcane. More mild and effusive, Infusion Organique's original scents linger and last.


Made in USA