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Advanced Cell Repair Serum

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Advanced Cell Repair Serum from Skin of Norway's by Geir Ness, the creator of Laila, the Essence of Norway is a highly advanced and energizing moisturizing serum. 

RESTORE maturing skin; reactivate youthful skin proteins and repair the effects of aging.

Advanced Cell Repair Serum with Resveratrol & Cloudberry

With five age-fighting serums in one, Skin of Norway's Advanced Cell Repair Serum, this is the diamond of the skin collection! As skin ages, youthful proteins decline, moisture-binding skin lipids decrease and skin cells die faster. This highly advanced serum activates youthful skin where it begins. Skin cell messengers reactivate dormant stem cells in maturing skin while energizing and hydrating to smooth lines and redefine sagging contours.

USE: Morning and Evening after Cleansing and before Moisturizing. Apply to moist skin of the face and neck after cleansing and misting; follow with moisturizer.

To reverse signs of aging, reactivate youthful skin proteins with five age-fighting serums in one. Molecular messengers wake up dormant stem cells to energize, firm, and smooth sagging contours with the most advanced cell-protectors available. Especially for mature, dull or dry skin.

Key Natural Ingredients: Arctic Algae, Hydrolyzed Algin, Arctic Cloudberry, Mineral Chrono-Energizers, Juniper Sprout Extract, Arabidopsis Extract, Peumus Boldus Extract, Ergothioneine and Sea Whip

Skin of Norway products DO NOT CONTAIN Parabens, Sodium Lauryle
or Laureth Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance or Colorants.
None of Laila products nor their ingredients are ever tested on animals.

1 fl. oz/30ml