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Buttercream Frosting RollOn Perfume Oil

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Jaqua Beauty's Buttercream Frosting RollOn Perfume Oil is a special blend of natural oils in combination with their proprietary Buttercream frosting fragrance will brighten your day. Roll-on your wrist, neck, or anywhere you want added sweetness throughout the day. Layer with Buttercream Frosting Body Butter and Shower Creme. Life just got a whole lot sweeter!

Rich Creamy Buttery Vanilla Bean with a hint of Banana and warm Florals.

Ingredients: Buttercream Frosting Roller-Ball Perfume with Natural Oils is alcohol-free and made with 100% Natural Oils blended with Jaqua's Proprietary Buttercream Frosting Fragrance. Their Natural Oil Perfume will give you a long-lasting experience that's bursting with the Sinfully Rich Creamy Buttercream Frosting Fragrance that you love! *may contain nuts