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Demeter - Angel Food 30ml from Demeter | Beauty Cafe - 2

Demeter - Angel Food 30ml

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Angel Food fragrance is one of Demeter's broadest appeal scents. How many angels can dine on this food? Many apparently.  Ah.....vanilla, can you miss.

No one is completely sure of the origin of Angel Food or angel cake, although it surfaces first in America, and in the 1880's. Most culinary historians think Angel Food is a takeoff of the sponge cake and the cornstarch cake, and that it originated in southeastern Pennsylvania The critical ingredients reflected in Demeter's Angel Food are egg whites, sugar, vanilla and coconut. The coconut is their own special touch, from a generations old Pennsylvania recipe, passed down through the family of the founding perfumer. It tastes as good as it smells, and it smells great!