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Energizing Facial Cleanser

Skin of Norway's Energizing Facial Cleanser by Geir Ness, the creator of Laila the Essence of Norway is a soap-free, water activated cleanser for all skin types.

CLEANSE without robbing skin of natural moisture.

Energizing Facial Cleanser with Arctic Algae & Minerals

Soap-Free, water-activated cleansing for all skin types, this gentle, light-foaming gel cleans deeply and rinses completely, yet leaves skin soft, moist and protected against moisture loss.

USE: Morning and Evening - The first step in every skin routine
Wet skin, work gel into lather with fingers, massage, rinse well and towel dry.

Instead of soap, energize your skin as you cleanse with a clear, soap-free, water-activated gel. Preserves vital moisture while removing skin impurities, calms redness.

Key Natural Ingredients: Arctic Algae, Mineral Chrono-Energizers, Arctic Cloudberry, Panthenol and Juniper Sprout Extract

Skin of Norway products DO NOT CONTAIN Parabens, Sodium Lauryl
or Laureth Sulfates, Synthetic Fragrance or Colorants.
None of Laila products nor their ingredients are ever tested on animals.

6.7 fl oz/200ml


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Tammie Lavy T.L. Tammie L.

Love it

Happy you love your Laila Cleanser!! Enjoy! Thank you for your review.