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Geir Ness Deodorant for Men

Geir Ness Deodorant for Men. A perfect blend of ingredients to keep you feeling fresh & clean all day.
The bonus is that it's ALCOHOL FREE, glides on easily, gentle yet effective whether you're working out or just working at the office.


Alcohol Free Aluminum Free No Animal Testing



Customer Reviews

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Keith Perry K.P. Keith P.
Geir Ness Deo for Him

First I don't do reviews but feel compelled because of two things. First, having meet Geir @ Disney I purchased the cologne/deo combination (more for the deal and less for the deo). After using the deo for a few weeks, I noticed I no longer was sweating through my dress shirts. This was well over a year ago and I have no plans on using another deodorant. Second, Beauty Cafe is a wonderful online shop. The owner provides first class customer service and stands behind every product. While we have never met, she treats me like a friend. Would highly recommend both the Geir Ness products and Beauty Cafe.

Thank you so much for your kind and thoughtful review Keith. Truly appreciated. Happy Holidays to you and yours! - Lisa
Peter P. Peter
Beauty cafe delivers excellence

When we meet Geir @ Disney we were drawn to his wonderful high quality products. As a family we bought a lot of them but I passed on buying the deodorant and I regretted it as soon as I got home. Luckily I found Lisa and beauty cafe!! She is a true asset to the perfume/cologne industry supplying premium products at a superb price . Thank you and when I next see Geir I will surely comment how well you represent his product.

Thank you so much Peter for your kind and thoughtful review. I love Epcot and years ago had the pleasure of meeting Geir, whom I fondly say is THE hardest working man in the business. He travels over 3/4 of the year promoting Geir. Wonderful man. Thank you again for your review!! Enjoy!