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Imperial Vanilla Bubble Cream

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Imperial Vanilla Bubble Cream by Royal Apothic is a warm, woody Vanilla with notes of Bergamot, Violette, Frangipani, and Ylang-Ylang over a base of Fresh Vanilla Bean, Ambergris, Vetiver, Musk and Vanilla Absolute.

Although first introduced in Europe in the 16th century, it was not favoured in perfume until 1807 when a nobleman named Charles Greville successfully flowered a Vanilla Orchid plant in Paddington. While the Honorable Mr. Greville's cuttings went on to supply the botanic gardens of Paris and Antwerp, his appreciation and love of this mysterious species inspired Royal Apothic's newest scent, Imperial Vanilla.

Bubble Creme combines an in-shower moisturizer with a soothing body cleanser helping to leave you with soft, clean skin. Emulsifying ingredients help hydrate instead of strip skin of moisture.

• Spread a small amount onto hands and work into a milky lather.

• Spread evenly over skin, and exfoliate with wash cloth or loofah if desired, with warm water.

Packaged in a beautiful vintage-inspired 8fl oz tube.