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Sands of Morocco Eau de Parfum

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Infusion Organique's Sands of Morocco is a scent as warm as the Mediterranean sun.

Close your eyes, and wander through the fresh flower and food stalls of the local Moroccan Souk. Inhale the spices drifting in the desert winds of North Africa. Ride the train from Marrakech to Casablanca to Tangier. Smell the Fresh vanilla first brought to Morocco by the French in the time of the Berber Kings. Add a touch of aromatic sandalwood and warm oak moss to blend of certified organic lemongrass oil and ylang ylang..

Treat your body and your senses to Infusion Organique's petit eau de parfums. Infused with organic oils, extracts, and botanicals, their Petit Parfums are blended organic alcohol made from certified organic sugarcane. More mild and effusive, Infusion Organique's original scents linger and last.


Made in USA