About Us

The Beauty Cafe has been serving up the finest in bath and body, personal care, beauty and fragrance product lines, online since 1997.
Yes, you read that right... 1997. :)

Someone once told me that I am considered somewhat of an online beauty pioneer, (let's just say I had more rejections when I started Beauty Cafe than an out-of-work Hollywood Actor). I even had one vendor tell me I was absolutely insane to think I could sell fragrances on the internet. Thank goodness she took a chance on me anyway!! Apparently, I am in good company with many others who saw the potential in the internet. I am pretty proud to say that Beauty Cafe was the online launching pad for many of today's highly coveted beauty and fragrance brands including: Creed, Crown Perfumery, Histoires de Parfums, Bond No 9, Burts Bees, Laila of Norway, Geir Ness, Comptoir Sud Pacifique, and L'Artisan Parfumers. I thank all of these wonderful vendors for taking a chance on my insane vision!

BUT my passion or rather my true bliss, has always been in working with start-ups and launching/branding indie lines. If I don't love it...we simply don't sell it...I've always believed that customers know when you are b.s.'ing them or when you truly love what you are selling. So, I personally hand pick the brands and products that we showcase at Beauty Cafe. One of my favorite songs is, "These are a few of my favorite things..." and that's really how I feel about the products I carry at Beauty Cafe.

Beauty Cafe is honored to be an Authorized Retailer for all the product lines that we carry. This simply means that we work directly with vendors, importers, and distributors to provide you with authentic products. We do not sell "grey market" goods nor do we purchase stock from unknown or unreputable sources. Our product inventory is on a high-turnover rate, so you know that your purchases are from fresh inventory, not items that have been sitting on someone's shelves for years before selling off to discounters nor counterfeit items. We use as much recycled material in our shipping and packaging as possible and we hope that you can reuse what we send you.

We do not sell our customer list nor our email list and we don't publicize our celebrity customer's purchases. We respect everyone's right to privacy. We also do not use other agencies/vendors or companies to drop ship our products to our customer's thereby honoring our customer's privacy. We handle, process and ship all our orders directly to our customers. So your personal information never leaves us. Actually, with modern technology we never even see your payment information anymore.

If you have a product that you'd like to see at the Beauty Café please send me an email. I’m always on the look for new up-and-coming indie lines.

Beauty Cafe started with my passion for fragrance and my desire to be able to be there for my daughter as she grew up. I've had the pleasure and blessings to meet so many of you along the way. I'm grateful to all of you - you enabled me to work from home to raise my daughter as a single mom. Nowadays, in addition to Beauty Cafe, I'm a full-time caretaker for my mother, as well as, my grandson, Julian. Some time ago, a dear friend suggested I write a book about my journey... well it's not a book but it's a blog and you're welcome to read about my adventures and experiences. I would love to hear from you too!!

Love, laughter and friendship,


P.S. I was recently featured in Shopify's Ecommerce University's Blog. You can read all about it here and if you like you can read all about our customers experiences shopping at Beauty Cafe here . :)