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Majenty Perfumes has long been one of the hottest fragrance lines I've stocked at Beauty Cafe. It's quite popular with the celebrity clientele and as well as others who work in the entertainment industry. What makes Majenty even cooler, is that for the most part there is no advertising, it's strictly those in the know and through word of mouth.

One intoxicating whiff of these hand poured fragrances and you'll get wht. Each fragrance in the collection is reminiscent of the islands far away from Los Angeles, the accented oils are either gardenia or coconut based infused with various floral mixtures... we're talking first class ticket to paradise, toes in the sand, drink in the hand and Majenty in our favorite pulse points!

I also personally love the people behind Majenty. Just today I went to pick up my latest shipment and folded boxes to help get my order ready. They are definitely hands on and that shows not only through the quality of the hand-blended perfumes but in the extra touch in their packaging and the handmade linen pouch that comes with each Majenty Perfume bottle.

Hidden Cove truly defines Hawaii in a bottle which has mixtures of coconut, flowers from the far east and fresh water lilies.



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