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I am so freaking giddy I have to share!! I got to meet someone in person (a fellow mompreneur) who has truly inspired me the past couple of years!! Heather Anderson from Girl Charlee Fabrics.

Quilt Con Heather Anderson Girl Charlee

A couple of years back, I came across a write up in the Long Beach Journal on Heather Anderson, the designer/owner of Girl Charlee and Bolt Fabrics.

Being a "mompreneur" and now "grandmapreneur" myself, I just totally feel in love with Heather's story. Heather started as a small home-based business specializing in children's clothing patterns to actually designing and creating the beautiful and soft knit fabrics that I absolutely love to work with.

Fast forward a couple of years, I'm now totally obsessed with fabric and sewing and Alannah, Julian and I went to QuiltConWest in Pasadena. While neither of us are quilters, we had a wonderful time just walking the aisles looking at the beautiful quilts and fabric. When we reached Girl Charlee's booth I recognized the logo, the soft knit fabric and said wait, this woman, the owner she has story and voila, Heather turned around and said "That's me!" We chatted for a bit and I bought some fabric samples to make Julian's leggings and most importantly I connected with someone that I admire and respect. I'd say that makes it a memorable day!

 If you love to sew you may be familiar with her story and her fabrics (especially soft knit fabrics)!! If not and you love to sew, check Girl Charlee and Bolt Fabrics out!


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