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Jaqua Beauty Buttercream Hand and Body Lotion

Jaqua Beauty Buttercream Frosting Hand and Body Lotion -

Quench your skin’s thirst with Jaqua’s hydrating formula containing shea butter, aloe, and mango extracts. Your skin will love this luscious Hand and Body Lotion in the favorite Buttercream Frosting fragrance. Indulge yourself without a single calorie!

I've been living in the Buttercream Frosting lotion since the shipment arrived. How did we ever live without it when it was gone... just so happy we have it in stock now!! 

Fragrance Notes:
Rich Creamy Buttery Vanilla Bean with a hint of Banana and warm Florals. 

Jaqua Beauty Buttercream Hand and Body Lotion  available at Beauty Cafe

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  • I LOVE this line and I ADORE this scent. It smells just like birthday cake frosting and really softens my skin, leaving behind this delicious aroma. I want to buy everything in Jaqua’s Buttercream Frosting line, which I will do eventually.

    I also love Beauty Café for stocking items like this and the French line from Laurence Dumont, Les Senteurs Gourmands, where I can get my Vanille Bourbon perfume. One day I’m going to LA and hopefully visit The Beauty Café in person. The proprietor is a lovely woman who really cares about her customers, advising them (in my case) about things that have gone out of stock. Every one should discover the wonders of The Beauty Café!

    Elaine Lamkin on

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