City of Angels Cream Creme

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At four o'clock on Spring afternoons in Los Angeles, the Santa Ana winds blow through the canyons, mountains and valleys that comprise this city where dreams are made.  The blow east, picking up ocean scents, through the Angeles national forest where Eucalyptus grows wild, and then down through the Hollywood hills where night blooming jasmine lines the streets.  This unique scent captures the essence of Spring afternoons in this magical city.

An entirely new way to care for your body. Deeply hydrate and gently exfoliate in one easy step with Cream Creme Body Moisturizer. Lactic Acid from Milk Proteins provide a mild exfoliant while Olive Oil and Vitamins A and E moisturize and repair for smoother, younger looking skin. Packaged in a beautifully vintage-inspired 8fl oz tube.

Top Notes: Marine, Ocean and Orange Blossom
Middle Notes: Night Blooming Jasmine, White Magnolia, Ivy
Base Notes: Eucalyptus, Ozone and Cedarwood

City of Angels Cream Creme by Royal Apothic available at Beauty Cafe


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