One Holiday At a Time

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So what's your take on the recent change of heart from retailers regarding Black Friday? REI (#optoutside) recently announced they will be closed the day after Thanksgiving and it appears a few other retailers are following suit.

When I was growing up (cough cough), Thanksgiving holiday weekend was celebrated with football games, parades, and most importantly visiting with family and friends. The only businesses open on Thanksgiving Day were the movie theaters. The day after Thanksgiving was traditionally the start of the holiday shopping season.

By the time I moved to Dallas in the 90s, the day after Thanksgiving had a name, Black Friday - a day of shop til you drop - save big and spend more. Retailers finally showed a profit while their customers fell further into debt. Families that used to gather around the dinner table for Thanksgiving dinner, found themselves camped out (sometimes days in advance) waiting for door-buster savings and by the time they got in the front door some were even throwing punches at each other.

Is it me, or does it seem like every year the holiday shopping season starts earlier. A couple of years ago I was in line at Office Depot and found myself humming along to Christmas music, which would have been fine if it was November or December but it was only September! Shortly after Halloween this year, the newest Sirius Radio Station "Velvet" started playing holiday songs.

Times flies by fast enough these days... so I'm going to continue to enjoy one holiday at a time... My favorite holiday, Thanksgiving is just around the corner and there is so much to be thankful for this year!! While I do my best to live a life of gratitude, there is something so special, so magical about Thanksgiving. I love the formality, the tradition and of course the pie!!

Call me Polly Anna but I like to think that Thanksgiving is the one day when we can ALL put aside our religious and political differences and give thanks for our many blessings. If you're able to consider inviting the elderly woman who lives in your building, the friend who's not able to make it home to their family, or volunteer to serve the holiday meal at your local homeless shelter.

Beauty Cafe will be processing orders to ship on Friday and then will be taking the rest of the day off to spend with family and friends.

From my house to your house I wish you and yours the Happiest of Thanksgiving's. May you be surrounded by love, laughter, friendship, and family on this very special day... and let there be pie!!

xoxo Lisa
Beauty Cafe

Here is a list of stores closed on Thanksgiving.




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