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You've come a long way baby... why yes I have and so has the internet!

Technology certainly has changed since I first launched Beauty Cafe in 1997. Someone once referred to me as an ecommerce pioneer and I guess looking back, I certainly was. Oh the stories I could tell... I remember setting up meetings with potential vendors to share my Beauty Cafe vision and how many of them laughed or shook their heads at me and said it was the craziest thing ever, selling perfume on the internet! Was that really only 16yrs ago?

I have worn so many hats through the years - owner, buyer, customer service, marketing, and fulfillment.. I think you get the picture. While technology may have advanced one thing has remained constant my love and passion for what I do. In 2000 after the demise of my marriage, I converted Beauty Cafe from a part-time hobby to a full-time career enabling me to work from home and be there for my daughter as she grew up. I was blessed that I could work my schedule around hers even if I was up before the crack of dawn and burning the midnight oil, I was always present for her when she was there or when she needed me.

Over the past 16 years, I've met some truly wonderful and amazing people and developed friendships that will last a lifetime. In August this year I had the true blessing of meeting one of my dearest customers from the very beginning. I never thought our paths would ever cross in the real world because she lived in Maine. Imagine my delight when we finally met this summer when she visited from her new home of Australia. They say that eventually everyone has to pass through LA at some point in their life. :)

Beauty Cafe was the launching ground for numerous product lines through the years: Comptoir Sud Pacifique, L'Artisan Parfumers, Creed, and Bond No 9 to name a few. These days my passion has turned towards the start ups, smaller niche houses, indie fragrance houses. I find my passion renewed every time I get in new samples of a potential line.

I've recreated Beauty Cafe into a showroom collection of my favorite things... fragrances, beauty, bath and body, gifts, and through my blog perhaps a recipe or two... or three. I welcome hearing from you via email or hopefully on comments on the blog. 

Love, laughter and friendship,





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