I Coloniali

I Coloniali luxurious collection of bath rituals and skincare products 
from J&E Atkinsons create a synergy of smell, sight, and touch using 
exotic ingredients from Oriental culture. Imported from Italy, designed 
for both Men & Women.

I Coloniali -- J & E Atkinsons 
products have enjoyed great 
success mainly due to their rich 
heritage. The history of this unique 
company is very impressive. The 
product line was created in 1799 
by James and Edward Atkinsons 
(J & E Atkinsons) who are one of 
the oldest perfumers in the entire 
world. For more than two 
centuries, these London perfume 
makers have searched 5 
continents for natural ingredients 
to include in their unique products.  
I COLONIALI brand was created in 
Italy in 1994, all products are 
manufactured in Italy.

I Coloniali products are available for both men and women. They feature natural ingredients that are not often associated with these types of products. Their current product line has expanded to include bath and beauty products of every possible kind. Regardless of your taste, you're sure to find a natural product that you will love.

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