Oh No... Now I've Gone and Done It

Posted by Lisa Slavik on

Between you and me... (and a few thousand other people) I'm a self-admitted product junkie... and I'm a terrible enabler too... well why else would I start Beauty Cafe other than to feed my habit and share my passion with others, right? Right.

Thankfully at my wise age of 50, I'm starting (just starting, mind you) to find my holy grail of products that I love and purchase time and time again. Of course it's subject to change whenever there is the newest and greatest or I hear of the latest lemming from friends but for the most part, I'm finally learning what works (and doesn't work) for me.

One of my holy grail products is Benefit's Fine One One. Basically it's a 3 in one cream blush that glides on effortlessly over my BBCream. I was starting to run low just when I was scanning TV stations the other night and landed on HSN and of course guess what they were having! Of course... a Special Benefit offer which included my Fine One One. So needless to say (suckah!) So I made my first HSN purchase. I bought the special offer which also included their Bad Gal Eyeliner, PeekABright Eyes Kit and They're Real Mascara. Oops I also got a one-year subscription to Self Magazine. Not too shabby. All for just a bit more than the Fine One One.

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