The Perfect 100% Natural Bug Spray from Beauty Kitchen

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Years ago my best friend and I went horseback riding in a jungle beach area of Mexico. That night, the hotel Dr stayed on as an attendant to ensure that I did not come down with Dengue Fever. While Suzanne didn't have a bite on her, we counted 103 mosquito bites on me. Never mind we were both wearing almost the same outfit, jeans and a t-shirt. Those damn 'squiters bit me from head to toe on me.  Thankfully, I didn't get sick. but it was terribly uncomfortable and itchy as hell though. Nothing a few margarita's couldn't help with. 

The standing joke is: if there is a mosquito within a 10 mile radius, he'll find me.  I take all the necessary precautions when I can but hey life gets in the way and someone has to water the lawn.

I've tried various sprays and lotions but I hate smelling like a chemical and more importantly I don't want to wear chemicals. My grandson has also inherited mosquito love and I definitely don't want him wearing and ingesting chemicals. 

The Perfect 100% Natural Bug Spray from Beauty Kitchen

So I was thrilled to find Beauty Kitchen's 100% Natural Chemical Free Bug Spray. Soooo thrilled in fact, that I am introducing a few favorite Beauty Kitchen products on Beauty Cafe. You know my policy... if I don't love it, I don't sell it.  Well I love it and I hope you will too. 

Beauty Kitchen's 100% Natural Chemical Free Bug Spray comes in a travel size spray bottle, which is perfect for having in your purse, car or even on your patio which is where we keep ours. 

Bye Bye Felicia!! 

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