Garnier Honey Miracle Nectar Leave In Conditioner

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While I am a huge fan of Garnier Shampoo and Conditioner products, I am not a fan of their packaging. Personally I believe packaging is KING!! But in this case... it's more like the Jester, a bit of a joke. 

When the shampoo and conditioner containers get about 1/2 empty it takes the strength of the Michelin man to squeeze out the remaining product. It's so strange, you can't squeeze the containers in, it's like the bottle is full of air. I wish they would change their packaging to something a little more squeeze friendly.  But I do love their products.

Garnier Whole Blends Honey Miracle Nectar Leave In Conditioner

I was perusing the beauty aisles at Target last week and picked up Garnier's Whole Blends Honey Miracle Nectar. This stuff just may be the nectar of the hair Gods. The packaging does take a bit to get over because it's a spray cream but let me tell you how soft and manageable my hair is after using it.  It's AMAZING!! 

Since the cream is a bit thick I spray it into the palm of my hands, rub them together and lightly spread it throughout my hair. 

It's been almost a year since my last hair cut. Chris chops off a few inches here and there to keep my locks healthy but the layers are starting to really grow out. This month he took off several inches to bring my hair up to my layers. Really made my hair feel much thicker. 

Anyone else notice how much their hair changed with menopause?  My hair used to be uber fine, wouldn't hold a style without a perm and even a can of AquaNet would only last an hour on my hair... now with menopause, I have waves and grays. Crazy.  

If you're looking for soft, healthy hair definitely check out Garnier's Whole Blends Honey Miracle Nectar and if you know anyone in packaging at Garnier, have them give me a call. 

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