Skin Eez Compression Socks for DVT

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Mom was rushed by ambulance to the hospital last Christmas Eve. She was unable to work or stand on her own. I knew something wasn't right and called 911. 

The diagnosis was a blood clot in her right leg due to DVT or Deep Vein Thrombosis. Strange diagnosis for my very active 93-year-old mom. She walks every day and not overweight and has no preexisting conditions that may have caused it. We were given an Rx of Eliquiois and told to purchase compression socks for her. 

The past several months I can't count how many pairs of Compression Socks I have gone through in trying to find something that works. Mom is very petite and thin. Her skin is so sensitive and easy to bruise and being torn so I have to pay very special attention to anything that goes on her body. 

Skin EEz Skin Reparative Medical Grade Compression Socks

The compression socks I was purchasing online (through Amazon) even at a Large size were too small and way too tight on her legs. When I mean too tight they actually left marks on her legs from where I swear they cut off any circulation she had. She hated wearing them.

I finally went to Walmart to see what they stocked and came across Skin Eez Skin Reparative Medical Grade Advanced Healing Compression Socks close to the Pharmacy.  I picked up the size Small/Medium Mild-Moderate 10-20mmHg in white.

The packaging indicates that they are infused with Shea Butter, Apricot Kernal Oil, Rose Hip Oil, Retinol, and Vitamin E to help firm, revitalize, and hydrate. After 10 washes to reap the benefits of these ingredients you need to be reinfused with the SkinEez Garment Spray

The SkinEez are amazing. They fit her perfectly. They are softer than any of the others we tried and there is enough stretch that they don't leave bruising marks on her legs and they're easy to put on.

Definitely check them out!!  

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