The Future of Vanity Sizing

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The current fashion climate (and I'm not weather) will be going through a change.  Big players like Neiman's have just filed bankruptcy. The business of fashion wasn't sustainable in its current form. From the idiotic seasonal collections to the push of disposable clothing, the industry has been on the verge of collapse for decades. Let it fall and hit rock bottom. 

Then it can have a much-needed rebirth into a world of healthy work conditions for employees, reality, sustainability, quality over quantity, and standardized sizings. 

Standard Sizing? Yes. Standard Sizing. Not vanity sizing that has graciously expanded as we have expanded. Standard Sizing. So a size 4 would be the same across the globe, whether it's in metrics or inches. It wouldn't matter in what country the piece was designed or manufactured. There would be consistency. Imagine a world where you could always buy off the rack or online and not have to make returns all the time. Especially nowadays with the future of retail shopping a bit questionable. 

We don't have to return to couture sizing but it definitely would be a good starting point. Have you ever purchased a piece of vintage clothing only to not be able to pull it up over your hips? If you looked back at sizing what used to be a size 4 is today in 2020 a size 8. That's twice the original size.  It's been proven by the fashion industry that they are more likely to sell a garment in a lower size to someone because she will feel better about it. I think we're all guilty of the oh my goodness I can't believe I'm in a Size X. I haven't been that in years... truth is, the fashion industry has continuously changed their measurements through the years. 

But what makes it worse is the inconsistency between manufacturing countries. The same garment made in China and in France may be cut and sized differently. You may find that you are a 4 in something from Pakistan and a 6 in something made in France. Europe has maintained a bit more of the original "couture' sizing compared to other countries however, their lines cut in Asia are different. 

So let's have the Fashion Council or an approved agency set the rules and they don't change. If we change, so be it.. but let's stop the insanity of vanity sizing. 

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