The Madness that is LuLaRoe

The Madness that is LuLaRoe

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It starts off innocent enough... you see your best friend (or daughter) in these very cute printed LuLa Roe leggings. You touch them and immediately are captivated by their softness and you have to have a pair. So your daughter invites you to a PopUp Party she's hosting on Facebook and out of the kindness in your heart, you have to support her, right? You buy a pair... you put them on and feel the buttery softness and suddenly one pair just won't do. You must have two. Then two becomes three... and three becomes 100 (at least according to a couple of friends I know that have a hundred pair of buttery leggings).

The next thing you know, you and your daughter are sitting on the couch with a glass of wine on a Thurs evening with your iPads joining LLR groups in search for your coveted pink horse leggings (if you happen to see them tag me please). 

What is LLR? Well for those not in the know... LLR (LuLaRoe) is the latest MultiLevel Marketing program geared towards the mommypreneur. LLR is the brainchild of DeAnne Stidham who wanted to be there for her children and to bring self-empowerment to other women. You can read more about her story here. You can become part of the LLR family as a consultant by spending between 5k to 7k on inventory. Part of the gimmick or rather success of the LLR program is that they offer limited runs on patterns. So once it's gone, its gone. Holiday Collections are often be an immediate sell-out. I'm not a consultant, I have a friend who is a consultant and she is quite happy with the program so far. If I could sell just the leggings I'd probably do it but for now I'm a customer. A happy customer so far. 

The best way to get started is to find a friend who belongs to an LLR group and attend a LLR PopUp show on FB. They are generally open one or two evenings during the week. The collections are posted in the Photos (Albums) of the group. Each consultant runs her LLR PopUp a bit differently but for the most part if you see something you like comment Sold and put your email. When the LLR PopUp closes you'll be directed how to submit payment. Items are sent out via First Class Mail. Who doesn't love getting a package in the mail? 

LuLaRoe LeggingsWhat's in the collections? Everything from little girls clothes to dresses, and plus size tops and leggings. There are tops, dresses, and the coveted buttery leggings in print and solids available in OS (one size fits most and TC (tall and curvy). The clothes are made in at least 3 countries that I am aware of (according to my current supply of leggings) Vietnam, Indonesia, and China. China clothes fit tighter than Vietnam and Indonesia. I actually prefer the ones made in China. I'm a size 4 in the real world, sometimes a 6. I feel I could almost fit into the Tween size leggings. Generally there is a size chart posted in the album but the consultants are always happy to answer any sizing concerns and they can tell you where a specific item is made if you like because size does matter. 

I've noticed a bit of inconsistency in sizing on the tops. I am a 34 w/F cup and I can wear a small in the Perfect T and an XL in the Randy. So check sizing. Honestly, I'm not a huge fan of the tops. While my daughters look adorable in them I don't feel so adorable. I also think they are a bit overpriced for what you get. That's just me. I'd rather wear the leggings with another dressy top. BUT I'm actually purchasing my first Perfect T that's made in the legging material so maybe my mind will change (stay posted it's on the way). 

So that's LLR in a nutshell... I'll be looking for you in the LLR groups and if you do happen to see the pink horse leggings in OS, promise you'll tag me?? Or if you're a consultant, or know of a consultant invite me to your FB group!! As you can see from my LLR shelf I have more space :) 











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