These are a few of my favorite things... on a cold winter's day. 

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So I admit, for years I laughed at people who wore UGGs in LA. We have such a cold, freezing brutal winter in SoCal and then, of course, you see the cute, twenty-somethings wearing miniskirts and their UGGs in the middle of the summer. I may have a boot fetish but I couldn't see myself wearing UGGs. 

But last year for Christmas, my daughter insisted and treated me to my first pair of UGGs and now I wonder how I ever lived without them. No socks and you just step into plush, plush heaven? Seriously, what more could my tootsies want except maybe a nice foot massage every now and then? I admit I am a bit of a prima donna with them. I really don't like to wear them outside. Some people have fluffy house slippers, I have fluffy house boots. 

In November, we moved east of LA to the foothills of the San Gabriel mountains. Let me tell you it's cold here. Two years ago I gave up on winter in LA and donated all my heavy winter coats. Guess who needs one now? 

Anyway, after falling in love with my UGGs last year, I've begun coveting a second pair of UGGs called the Adirondack II Winter Boots. While I am a believer in quality vs quantity, there was no way to justify the sticker price of $225.00 for these bad boys. But with all the rain and mud where we live, I stopped giving them a second thought and decided they were a must-have. So the day after Christmas with all the other crazy after holiday shoppers, we went to the UGG store at the Americana in Glendale where I took my life into my own hands and tried them on.  

The Adirondack II Winter Boots actually run true to size. I was a bit concerned about sizing because the other pair of UGGs I have run a size bigger. I fell in love with the grey and black fleece version which I can't seem to find on their website anymore. See the pic, pretty cool huh?

You can either wear them all the way up or cuff them down as I have. They are waterproof and should we ever be so blessed in SoCal, they are snowshoes too!! I love them for trekking to the post office to drop off my shipments or even running to the grocery store and my favorite place to wear them to the park with Julian. They are playground proof from sand and still they keep my tootsies warm. This afternoon I took them on a long walk and my feet still feel great. 

The salesman said you can wear with or without socks and I have to be a purest and admit I wear my UGGs san socks because I want to feel the fluff between my toes. According to the website they can withstand temps of up to or rather under -20 celsius. (I hope I never have to experience that -20!!)

I don't suspect I'll need another pair of UGGs in my future but I'm definitely a convert and now a huge, huge fan!

Show me your UGGs!!

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