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Royal Apothic Cutting Garden Bubble Cream

Royal Apothic has recently come out with these gems of Bubble Creams and I love them all! Tis the season for holiday giving and at 18.00 a bubble cream, they make perfect stocking stuffers and gifts for coworkers, or even... yourself!

The first one I'll share with you is Cutting Garden. The all white floral was inspired by a garden planted by Elizabeth I at Windsor Castle.  Can you say Downton Abbey? Although originally planted to bloom year round, Royal Apothic tried to imagine what it would smell like if every plant bloomed at one time. The result? A fresh clean classic floral.

Cleanse with milky bubbles in an intoxicating scent. Royal Apothic's concentrated and emulsifying Bubble Cream presents a new way to bathe. This rich, luxurious formula rinses away, leaving skin indulgently fragrant and silky smooth. Emulsifying instead of lathering, a tiny amount cleanses while still providing skin-softening hydration for the body.
Packaged in a beautiful vintage-inspired 8fl oz tube.

Top Notes: Gardenia, Rose and Magnoila
Middle Notes: Star Jasmine, Lily and Iris
Base Notes: Tuberose and Soft Greens

The Bubble Cream's are available in: Cutting Garden Holland Park, Venetian Grove, City of Angels, Lemoncello, and Terra Firma, 

Royal Apothic Cutting Garden Bubble Cream $18.00 

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