Level Naturals Chamomile Neroli (Hippie) Soap

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Level Naturals holds a strong belief that patchouli oil doesn't substitute for bathing, they wanted to make a bar of soap that will resonate with the down-to-earth, camp-in-the-woods, follow-your-favorite-band-all-summer, paint-yourself-blue-and-dance-naked-in-the-desert-while-balancing-your-chakras sort of folks. 
Level Naturals blend together delicious and moisture-rich oils with kaolin clay, peppermint, nettle leaf, comfrey leaf and a blend of chamomile and neroli essential oils. It's vegan, non-polluting, and a must pack for your backpack. You'll smell like an all-natural spring field full of orange blossoms, and we'll all be more willing to hug you.
Did we mention GlutenFree?

Level Naturals Chamomile Neroli (Hippie) Soap $5.99

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