Royal Apothic Maltese Orange Facial Cleanser for Men

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It all began shortly after the arrival of Royal Apothic in the United States.  By post and email, text and telegram, Royal Apothics fans asked what about for the men? Fine gentleman would ask. “Have you something for chaps?”  or “Is a bloke expected to spray something called Cutting Garden.” were frequently heard.  When he could take it no more, Royal Apothics founder went into the lab and created a scent suited for the perfect gentleman.  They've come a long way since the Scent No. 1 and their product offerings now include all the necessary grooming tools one needs for proper appearance. 

Heroes and Aristocrats Fine Grooming for Men was created to help men look polished, but never prissy. Each of the products in the line are formulated to deliver visible results without the need for pomp, circumstance or pageantry. 


Heroes & Aristocrats Maltese Orange Facial Cleanser for Men
Winner of Esquire Magazines Grooming Awards Best Face Wash for Men

Cleanse and smooth skin with provitamin B5, hydrolyzed collagen and glycolic acid. Orange oil lightly scents this clean foaming wash.
8 fl oz.

Heroes & Aristocrats Maltese Orange Facial Cleanser by Royal Apothic
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