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Years ago when I lived in Dallas I took up yoga via Namaste Yoga on the Discovery Health channel. During the commercial breaks there was always a promo for a show called Lyon in the Kitchen. I became fascinated with the show because the premise behind Chef Nathan Lyon's show was to cook/eat fresh. What a concept? Seriously makes sense, right? If I'm taking care of my external body with yoga isn't what I do on the inside just as important as what I do to it on the outside? Needless to say I fell in love with the show and NamasteTV Yoga. Unfortunately (boo hiss) Discovery Channel canceled both shows (IMHO their loss).

Fast forward to 2009 and I move back home to LA. I'm working a health expo in Anaheim for a vendor friend and guess who I run into... Nathan Lyon! Truly a small world. A few months later I run into him at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, which if you ever visit Hollywood and are here on Sunday, it's a must-see. In fact, it just may be one of THE largest farmer's market's in the country, located on Ivar and Selma Avenue's in between Hollywood and Sunset Blvd's to the north and south and Vine and Cahuenga to the east and west. Yes it's that big!

Chef Nathan Lyon's first cookbook "Great Food Starts Fresh" is a compilation of 135 recipes broken down into 5 seasons: spring, summer, fall, winter and the most important one... chocolate! The recipes are beyond amazing using ingredients that is fresh to that particular season and the photography is so breathtaking you want to eat the pages! However, the true goldmine is all the tips, tricks, hints, suggestions and where to get the items he uses!

In the past couple of years Nathan and his Super Sous have traveled the country promoting Great Food Starts Fresh, as well has his PBS show Growing a Greener World. Nathan is a great supporter of local farmers and the farmer's market community and you'll frequently find him at various farmer's markets in the LA area.

Great Food Starts fresh is available on Chef Nathan Lyon's website and is the perfect gift for those who love to eat healthy!!


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