Demeter Stable Fragrance

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Demeter Stable FragranceFor as long as I can remember, I've been in love with horses. When I walk into a barn, one whiff and the stress of the day is taken away. The mixture of horse, leather, hay, and poop (yes poop) is my aromatherapy. I always had a dream of bottling it up so I could have it with me everywhere... Imagine my absolute delight/surprise to find that Demeter has done it with their fragrance Stable! Truly Stable is a barn in a bottle!!

For the past few months, I've been recovering from surgery to repair a broken (shattered) collarbone (a titanium plate and 9 pins now hold me together) after being bucked off a horse. So under Dr.'s orders I've stayed out of the saddle (no full contact sports) until the bone heals.

Sadly, I'd really been forming a wonderful bond with Joe the young gelding we'd been working with so the timing totally sucked. I know, there's never a good time to break a bone is there? But anyone who's ridden or owned horses will tell you that the pleasure comes at a risk, apparently a high risk (cough, cough). So for now, I'm out of the saddle and away from the barn because -  well it breaks my heart to just be there and not ride. Out of sight, out of mind, yeah right.  I hope to find my way back to the saddle and barn again but for now  I have a bottle of comfort sitting next to me whenever I need a little aromatherapy. Thank you Demeter!!

Demeter Stable take me away!

P.S. I've brought in a few other fragrances from Demeter to Beauty Cafe and I'm sure I'll be growing the line so feel free to email or comment and let me know your favorites from Demeter.

Love, laughter and friendship!


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