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I have ATT Uverse and while I have the 450 program with every channel, I still swear there is rarely anything on. So I also have Netflix. I love Netflix!! Recently a good friend told me about Longmire, a TV series that originally was on A+E and cancelled but rescued and picked up again by Netflix after the third season.

Longmire, is set in Wyoming  (shot in New Mexico). I haven't been to Wyoming yet so I really couldn't tell you if it looks authentic or not. I will say that I've been to New Mexico several times and I've seen some beautiful places there but the locations they are using on Longmire are beyond spectacular.

Longmire is the last name of the small town sheriff, Walt (played by Robert Taylor). If you've wondered what Lou Diamond Phillips has been up to the past few years, he plays Longmire's best friend, Henry Standing Bear, a Cheyenne Indian and owner of the local tavern. In fact, the Cheyenne Nation plays a large integral part of the series.

I'm on Season 3 of 4 Seasons and I've actually found myself binge watching a show on Netflix for the first time. I never knew there could be so much drama on the high plains. Cowboys, Indians, and horses oh my!

The characters are so well thought out and written. Each one has his/her own underlying story and each episode you watch the interaction between the characters solving not only the main plot of the episode but dealing with their own issues/demons that lay in the background. If you're looking for special effects or animation, this is definitely not your show... but if you want good and refreshing drama with a beautiful background and very well written characters, Longmire is for you!

Let me know what you think and I'm always open to suggestions for good television/film.

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