Molinard Violette eau de parfum

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Beauty Cafe Gerber DaisyI just received Molinard's Violette eau de parfum in stock yesterday. I'm so giddy that I had to share!! Violets are like comfort food to me. They take me back to my childhood and the little apartment where I grew up in Hollywood behind the Chinese Theater.  
Violets are my mother's favorite flower. When she was younger, she dreamed of being a gardner but her father (back in the 30s) told her that was not a job for a young lady. Needless to say, like so many others, she didn't follow her bliss. I wish she had because her eyes light up whenever she talks about flowers and gardens. Sadly with her arthritis she isn't able to do any gardening these days but she definitely loves to walk around our neighborhood and visit the neighbors gardens and see all the flowers. BUT when she was younger, she could grow the violets. My mom had such a green thumb, she could cut a leaf and I swear that within a month she had a new blooming plant. 

Anyway to this day, Violet based fragrances are my favorite floral. If you're a violet fan too - definitely check out Perfume Posse's list and reviews of Violet fragrances. 

Oops before I forget, I also have uploaded blending suggestions for the Molinard line. To use, just click on the image chart to the left of each Molinard fragrance. Or if you prefer, feel free to email me and I can email you directly. 

Molinard Violette

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